About Us


The DINPAL Brand

DINPAL was founded in 2001 in San Francesco di Vito d’Asio, in the province of Pordenone, following the conception of an innovative titanium mount for aiming optics.

The company was conceived and founded by two friends, Dino Galante and Paolo Blasina, who shared a passion for hunting and firearms.

In 2019, DINPAL obtained professional licenses for the manufacturing, possession, and sale of firearms and suppressors for military forces, as well as for civilian use in countries where their use and possession are permitted.

Today, DINPAL specializes in the design and production of mounts for aiming optics and in precision mechanical machining.


Safety and Precision

Our patented rings guarantee maximum sealing performance and reliability on any firearm and for any caliber you wish to use.

Precision mechanical machining and the checks we carry out after each production phase make our products unique and safe.

In addition to standard production, we manufacture customized mounts and individual pieces according to customer specifications, and upon request, we provide mounting and calibration services.


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